Friday, December 2, 2011

My li'l one turned one!!

A few weeks ago, my li'l one turned one :) One whole year of motherhood days for me(mostly happy moments and occasional low ones too)....we threw a small party for a few friends of was busy putting together some party decorations, somethings with a personal touch, like a birthday banner with  every month's photos of my li'l one's first year...and few other silly stuffs to make the party hall look colorful...

i guess I get this from my add a personal touch to anything and everything you do...and my dear hubby,the last man in the world to appreciate it.....okay, so you get where I am going with this, rite?
Anyway, the birthday party was great...we had fun...even my li'l one enjoyed it to the fullest ,except for the occasional screams when a balloons burst...she can't stand sudden loud a whistle from the cooker, or the vacuum cleaner or even the hair dryer....strange, huh?

okay, coming back to the cake, i guess that was the highlight of the party...we had been to a few b'day parties before, even one last weekend, and have always enjoyed a slice of the yummy b'day cake....and the hunt began for the cake...went to the bakeries in the usual places where we had seen the b'day cakes..but all had the regular white or chocolate cake with the theme you say...(for our li'l one we wanted a sesame street cake)...but we were pretty sure the b'day cakes we had eaten before were not mere white or choc cakes...they were much tastier than those...anyways, long story short, a few days before the party a friend of us (who had thrown a b'day recently) suggested to get the tres leches cake.....bhoom...what in the world is that? oh, my!! but luckily he also said where to find it....okay, that helps :)
 I consoled myself feeling, I am not the only one in the whole wide world who didn't know about Tres Leches cake..even the pioneer woman didn't have a much idea about it ..

here is more about it from the very talented pioneer woman

So, now you ask me why such poor pictures, even though we have a Nikon D-SLR with some XYZ lenses and all....aaaha...don't make go there...plz don't...

you'll have a good one :)


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