Friday, January 1, 2010

Another New Year :)

I don't believe I am such a lazy bone.I left my first post here in 2007. Its more than two year from then. My mom is absolutely correct about me(as always). I don't do something until and unless somebody pushes me from behilnd, I mean really hard.
Of course, like many us, even I got into the bloggers world mainly as part of my recipe hunt. And also when I look for crochet patterns, crafts ideas and so on.
And I swear, its a wonderful world out here. I see a lot of vibrant bloggers, whom i envy a bit, but are doing a wonderful job.
A couple of months ago, I happen to see Julie and Julia during my flight when I was relocating to a new place. And then the idea struck me again. Why dont I be an active blogger? But as I said, where is the push from behind? Come on, are you still a 5 year old ,waiting for "the push" from your mom?
I guess, no. Probably I should myself give a very good push of my own. And is there a better day than the very first day of the year to kick off something like this?
Anyway, today Jan 1, 2010. Another year has passed by, this time pretty fast.
Jan 1st, as usual started off with attending the morning service. And of course, with a number of resolutions. Let us see how many of them I will really stick to.
Today me and my husband went out for lunch(even this we do for almost every new year, I dont know why, but its again kicking off the weight gain).
But this time it was a complete disaster. The food was very ordinary, cold, kind of stale and completely non-impressive to our taste buds. Hmm..may be we need to do more R&D on the restaurants around, since we recently moved in. Spent rest of our day crabbing the restaurant and the food. And of course crossed out that restaurant from our preferred list.
Watched a movie to make up for that and made a nice warm dinner.
Nothing to beat a home made meal. Home sweet home :)


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